Companies often do not devote sufficient resources to training the skills necessary to compete on the markets. Businesses are first and foremost made by people. Dedicating time and resources to a Coaching process is essential.

The alternative is THE CLASSIC PROBLEMS like:

  • repeated dysfunctional and outdated behaviors;
  • prevailing individualism;
  • waste of resources;
  • lack of coordination;
  • internal communication difficulties;
  • lack of sharing of strategy and objectives;
  • carelessness;
  • high turnover.


Training the team with dedicated and personalized coaching courses means :

  • clearly define goals;
  • analyze strengths and improvement points, resources and limitations;
  • identification of strategic needs;
  • decomposition of patterns into fractions of behavior;
  • research effective behaviors;
  • verification of the decision-making process;
  • analysis of numbers, performance measurement and management control;
  • delegate and control;
  • fluidify relationships between people;
  • identification of the best role for each individual;
  • assign specific goals and roles in meetings;
  • implementation of improvement feedback;
  • motivational levers (engagement);
  • team building.
Scopri le fasi di un percorso di Coaching con Matteo Rocca Coach



The Coaching path is unique and personalized, because each person is unique, however there are some steps in common:

  • before meeting us, the client fills out the request for a free preliminary exploratory session or contacts me by phone;
  • following acceptance, we both sign a Coaching Agreement in which the rules and operating procedures are clearly defined;
  • Behavioral style analysis questionnaire EXTENDED DISC ;
  • Responsibility of the customer : the customer undertakes to take and adopt new strategies for new actions;
  • Responsibility of the coach : the coach undertakes to train the client on the results defined in the contract and has the responsibility for the process;
  • during the training sessions I talk more and the client asks the questions, during the Coaching sessions I ask the questions and the client answers;
  • along the way the client is accompanied to recognize his own skills and abilities , to discover areas of growth and new ways of thinking , to observe situations from new points of view in order to generate a wealth of possibilities for action ;
  • to have good results, commitment, actions and behaviors are needed : being pro-active is fundamental to the coaching process.


On the right some basic information on the indicative structure of a coaching path. Everything must necessarily be contextualized with regard to the specific situation.

  1. first contact (preliminary session)
  2. needs analysis
  3. COACHING AGREEMENT (the rules, frequency, duration, price, place, responsibility, code of ethics, etc.)
  1. definition SMARTER GOAL and desired outcomes
  2. KPI definition to monitor
  3. surveys and metrics
  1. Coaching Assessments
  2. Extended DISC Behavioral Analysis Questionnaire
  3. current situation
  4. resources and limits
  5. convictions and beliefs
  1. Brainstorming
  2. options, possibilities, choices
  3. strategy and planning
  1. attitude and mindset
  2. detailed action plan
  3. priority
  1. analysis of intermediate results
  2. improvement feedback
  3. autonomy
  1. celebration
  2. rewards and incentives
  3. continuous improvement


Executive Coaching

define strategy and business model; create management control system; adopt a management by objectives; manage and value people; effectively delegate responsibilities.

Business-family coaching

separate business and family roles; create the rules of coexistence; favoring the entry of young people; identify future governance; transmit the "entrepreneurial know-how".

Coaching to organize

define the organizational method ; simplify and map processes; improve communication flows; improve organizational well-being; involve, empower, motivate.

Coaching to sell

enhance the commercial offer; create new services/products of value; improve the entire sales process; organize and plan sales; increase vendor sales.

Career Coaching

find the purpose of one's life; develop professionally; figure out your dream job; return to the world of work; upgrade skills after a promotion.

Support managers

work towards goals; increase productivity; improve the ability to communicate; learn to manage people; enhance soft skills.




The duration of the live sessions (in person or via video conference) vary from approximately 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the needs. The duration of the telephone sessions varies from 30 to 60 minutes.


The sessions are fixed in advance, by mutual agreement, based on the commitments of both. Places, dates, times, methods,durations, logistical aspects are established.


It depends on many factors, such as the specific situation, the objectives, the duration, the modality, etc.

The economic evaluation that will be communicated to you includes:

  • preparation and follow-up;
  • the design and delivery of the personalized training and coaching path;
  • self-assessment tests, quizzes and questionnaires (initial state);
  • Extended DISC custom report for behavioral style analysis;
  • the number of live sessions communicated (variable);
  • the number of telephone sessions for monitoring the action plan and for feedback (they are included, but it is up to the client to request them or not);
  • training cards or e-learning courses developed by the coach and functional to accelerate learning on specific topics (attended independently, with assistance from the coach)
  • urgent telephone support for any situations.


To avoid any form of stress, for some specific routes, I suggest videoconferencing sessions, they guarantee the exact same results! The only condition is that the quality of the connectivity, previously tested, is optimal.


  • it’s easy to hold sessions wherever you are (at work, at home, in a hotel, abroad, on a train, plane, car, etc.);
  • if you often travel abroad, it guarantees continuity and regularity on the route;
  • it is easy to use (TV, PC, mobile phone, tablet);
  • it is practical, comfortable, anti-stress;
  • if you are in a comfortable place and you feel more at ease, the session is more effective;
  • it is cheaper: the price (for the same route) is lower;
  • faster because it adapts to the needs of the agenda and avoids commuting (early in the morning, in the evening, if there is a time difference, at the weekend, etc.);
  • it saves time and costs for travel and transfers.


During the in-person live sessions we will be seated facing each other at the table or on comfortable workstations, in the office or in an environment that is not overcrowded or noisy. In some cases it is also possible to organize sessions outdoors in parks or quiet areas.


The customer has the right to organize telephone sessions, included in the process and organized in advance, to monitor the action plan and for an exchange of feedback regarding obstacles, limits, resources to be activated, intermediate results, etc. They are included in the price, but are optional: it is the customer who decides whether to use them or not.


To avoid any form of stress, I work in  Online Coaching sessions , in videoconferencing, they guarantee the  exact same results and greater comfort !

The only condition is that the quality of your connectivity, previously tested, is optimal.

Live in-person tours available upon specific request only.


  • it’s simple to entertain sessions wherever you are (at work, at home, in a hotel, abroad, on a train, plane, car, etc.);
  • if you travel often, it guarantees continuity and regularity on the route;
  • you avoid having to prepare the setting, welcome and register the guest (office, room, etc.)
  • it is easy to use (TV, PC, mobile phone, tablet);
  • you don’t have to move, you save time and money on transfers
  • it is much more reserved, practical, comfortable and anti-stress;
  • avoiding “lost” times, it offers a wider time slot.


  • if you are in a comfortable place you feel more at ease and the session is more effective;
  • it’s more convenient: I save time so the price is lower for you;
  • it is faster, it adapts to the needs of the agenda (early morning, in the evening, if there is a time zone, on weekends, etc.);
  • it saves time and costs for travel and transfers.
  • you often use your own PC or Notebook and you can take notes more easily;
  • you can choose coaches who reside throughout Italy.


During the course, in the initial phase , accredited diagnostic tools are used in the field of communication, professional growth and business organization. This phase facilitates the coach’s task in identifying immediately and precisely the client’s preferences in the way of making decisions, working and managing difficulties.

In addition to the above, the path can make use of various tools:

  • individual meetings (max. 120 min.), in person or by videoconference, 1-3 weeks apart;
  • telephone sessions (max 60 min) for monitoring the action plan, (optional);
  • Behavioral style analysis Extended DISC
  • training cards or e-learning courses developed by the coach and functional to accelerate learning on specific topics (attended independently, with the assistance of the coach)
  • individual work by the coachee on articles, books, films, etc.;
  • exercises and simulations useful for overcoming emerging difficulties or for strengthening already satisfactory performances.


In the coaching journey there are conversations in which complex, often private, personal and professional concerns are raised. A key part of this process involves trust and absolute certainty that confidentiality will be maintained to the highest standard.

In this regard, as a Coach associated with the ICF and AICP, I undertake to follow their respective codes of ethics. You can consult them at the links below:

ICF Code of Conduct

AICP ethics charter

You can rest assured that our private conversations will be protected, in accordance with rigorous personal and professional standards. This will allow you to be free to communicate any thoughts to me in order to fully commit and work on improving your stress management, to bring about the changes you desire.