Professional guidance and career counseling service for those who want to find opportunities, change jobs or grow professionally. Discover your talents and let them be discovered. Go with determination towards the profession you want.

This Path includes:

Who was this course designed for?

  • SME entrepreneurs (all sectors)
  • administrators
  • freelancers
  • managers and directors
  • managers and officials

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Pre-scheduled online individual sessions (meetings) lasting 90 minutes with the PCC ICF (Professional Certified Coach of International Coach Federation) Business Coach.

Platforms: Meet, Zoom, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp

The coachee (customer) can propose any type of personal challenge, goal, request for change. In the Career Coaching field, the main requests are usually: changing company, changing profession, career orientation, finding one’s life direction, understanding the dream job.

The duration of the course varies according to the Plan chosen (2 months, 6 months, 12 months), the number of sessions and frequency. 

The coaching process can be tackled by everyone and it is not necessary to have a particular preparation.

Career Coaching is:

Carriera derives from the Latin  “carrus” , which indicated the road on which it was possible to pass with carts and horses. Metaphorically it came to indicate the road that a person follows in life, studies and professions.

If you are entering the world of work or want to change your profession, I suggest you start an Orientation course.

It is Coaching aimed at career development and is particularly suitable for managing moments of transition and change related, for example, to company start-ups, restructuring or the loss of one’s job.

The Career Coaching path focuses on a new vision of the future, on how to manage change and develop skills, enhancing the ability to face new professional challenges.

The main topics concern the new idea of ​​profession, project orientation, self marketing (LinkedIn oriented) and active job search (CV, motivation letter, SOA, prospecting and interview).

Considering a career guidance course is useful at every moment of one’s life, especially for those entering the world of work for the first time and for those who want to change their profession completely after so many years of experience. 

It is an exclusive, flexible and personalized service, aimed at acquiring awareness of one’s strengths in order to identify the interventions to be implemented on areas for improvement.

The Career Coach supports the client to focus their vision, helps to identify obstacles (what is missing), facilitates the exploration of alternatives and possibilities.

The Coach supports acting consciously, generating new actions that bring new results.

Areas of application and effectiveness:


4 Career Coaching Online
997 2 MONTHS
  • Preliminary analysis - route planning
  • Coaching and Confidentiality Agreement (ICF)
  • Coaching Assessments
  • Practical guides and training sheets


8 Career Coaching Online
1.897 4 MONTHS
  • Preliminary analysis - route planning
  • Coaching and Confidentiality Agreement (ICF)
  • Coaching Assessments
  • Practical guides and training sheets
  • Reserved Content (video-courses)

What does the Coach do?

As a Coach, I facilitate change, I manage Coaching courses that allow you to find the best solutions and strategies to get what you want for yourself and your business.

I do it by videoconference (also in person upon request) through dialogue and the building of an empowering relationship.

My working method includes:

  • Active listening, reflection, trust; specific and powerful questions that can generate ideas.

  • Exercises designed ad hoc for various needs.

  • Direct communication and improvement feedback.

  • Planning of well-defined objectives (SMART) and identification of KPIs to monitor them.

  • Awareness, motivation, empowerment and challenge, call to design priority actions.

  • Support in the application of management methodologies and techniques of proven usefulness and effectiveness (science-based) .

  • Personal change plan. Mentoring and personalized advice when needed.

The benefits of a Career Coaching path:

I am a PCC ICF Business Coach:

Hi, I’m Matteo Rocca, entrepreneur, author and ACC ICF Executive Business Coach with about 20 years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience in Italy and abroad. My experience has allowed me to come into contact with very different cultures, which have enriched my professional and personal baggage.

In my twenty years of experience as an administrator, I have helped several people grow, leading them to top positions. I have been continuing as a Career Coach for several years.

For me, Coaching is a vocation, my Mission is to “bring value into people’s lives”. I love when I see workers who truly realize what they have done and their great strengths.

Always passionate about Coaching and personal growth, now as a Mental Coach I help entrepreneurs and managers achieve results thanks to new tools, methodologies and skills. I support them in the management of innovation and change projects, with individual and collective Coaching and Training courses, to improve professional performance.

As an Executive Business PCC ICF Coach I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.

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