My future, my motivation, my here and now.

My vision and mission serve as the compass guiding my work and life, shaping my behaviors, habits, and aspirations.

At the core of everything I do are people – individuals with unique talents, skills, abilities, and potential.

I am not simply a coach; I am an embodiment of consistency and congruence, always striving to align my actions with my words.


Life Purpose And Evolutionary Path

It Is A Way Of Being, Inside And Out

Sense Of Becoming And Journey Towards Infinity

Vision And Mission Values ​​Build My Story


Values are the fundamental pillars that underpin our lives, actions, and everyday behaviors. They represent what truly matters to us, embodying our beliefs and guiding principles. My work is rooted in unwavering respect for these core values. I approach my work with heartfelt dedication, allowing these values to permeate my actions for the success of my clients.

  • Love: Love for my family and a commitment to doing things well.
  • Honesty: A form of respect that begins with being honest with oneself and extends to others.
  • Continuous Improvement (Kaizen): A commitment to always learn and grow.
  • Ethical Sense: Guiding the course of life through its twists and turns.
  • Determination: A steadfast “Modus operandi” with unwavering resolve.
  • Passion: Your challenges fuel my energy.
  • Courage: The willingness to speak and act in alignment with my beliefs.
  • Action: There is always room for improvement and something to be done.
  • Sharing: Encouraging growth through the sharing of knowledge and experiences.
  • Diversity: Embracing change and novelty as the essence of life.
  • Confidentiality: Upholding the importance of privacy as a source of freedom.


Vision is the starting point, an image that is strong, powerful, and alluring. Supported by a clear strategy of being and doing, and aligned with well-defined objectives, vision provides direction. In ten years, I envision myself as a devoted father within a large family.

As a Coach and author, I aim to create a working methodology that brings value to entrepreneurs and managers while continually improving myself through the betterment of others.

Furthermore, I aspire to a future where leaders embrace a coaching mindset focused on innovation, people development, social responsibility, ethics, and collective well-being.


“My mission is to improve myself by improving others and responsibly guide entrepreneurs and managers toward lasting personal and professional excellence in leadership. By doing so, I aim to create new value and contribute to people’s well-being.”

Mission serves as both a goal and an evolutionary path, a way of being that extends internally and externally. It represents the purpose of continuous growth, a journey towards the vision and beyond.


  1. Continuous improvement is a philosophy of life.
  2. Self-love takes precedence.
  3. People possess more resources than they realize.
  4. Pain is an inherent part of life that strengthens us.
  5. Theory without practice is mere intellectual indulgence.
  6. Sharing knowledge enriches us all.
  7. Coaching is a culture that should be widely embraced.
  8. Either one is competent, or it is better to listen and learn.
  9. Proactivity, innovation, and a creative sense define us all as children of Leonardo da Vinci.
  10. Simplicity holds the secret to understanding complexity.
  11. Transparency and confidentiality safeguard personal privacy.