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The challenge of working, living, socializing in an international context involves not only studying the language of the host country, but understanding and appreciating the cultural diversity, typical of each people, knowing those aspects relating to “civilization” which brings into the culture and in people’s hearts.

Those who have to face the transfer to a new country for work reasons or those who return to their own country after long business trips abroad must face, in addition to the many practical problems, also the typical difficulties of integrating into a different social and cultural context .

Experiencing these difficulties without support can lead to increased stress and reduced work performance. In some cases, the transfer of a family to a foreign country for work is a delicate and complex situation, which if not dealt with correctly could lead to various inconveniences or even to the abandonment of the project.

Each culture has its own way of handling reactions and conflicts, negotiation, its own style of communication, a different concept of what is polite or appropriate, a different approach to time and space.

Intercultural coaching helps you understand and manage the differences between cultures. In fact, each of us behaves according to unwritten norms and rules, typical of our own culture. Seeing one’s culture from the outside is, then, the first step in recognizing and interpreting the cultures of others, in accepting the fact that one’s way of relating and communicating, for example, is only one of many possible ways.

It is about being able to go beyond prejudices and stereotypes to accept and share behaviors, habits and customs that are different from one’s own. Acquiring the ability to adapt and act effectively in different cultural contexts is the goal of intercultural coaching.

In particular, it is a question of better understanding one’s own way of relating to power and responsibility, to time, to hierarchy, to the community, to change, to competition, to space and territory, to the different ways of thinking and communicating, differences already present among people belonging to the same culture and, a fortiori, even more evident when it comes to different languages, ethnic groups, countries and continents.


The service is specifically designed for  entrepreneurs and managers on mission abroad, foreigners in Italy, students on business trips, expatriates, Italian teams that interface with foreign teams.


As a Coach I don’t offer universal or pre-packaged solutions,  I facilitate change . I get paid to competently manage processes that lead my client from the current state to the desired one, in the shortest possible time, effectively, autonomously and in a lasting way.

The objectives of an Intercultural Coaching course are:

  • recognize the particularities of different cultures
  • consolidate the inner resources of the individual
  • strengthen the sense of personal, corporate and role identity
  • develop cognitive flexibility necessary for adaptation
  • assess the need for new skills
  • manage stress and emotions better
  • recognize different communication styles


Intercultural Coaching is indicated when:

  • you work in contexts that are very different from yours
  • you have to move abroad for a long time for work or study
  • you are already abroad and you are disoriented, unstable or emotionally hyperactive
  • you are a manager who must adapt his leadership style to industrial realities abroad
  • you feel the need to improve relations with colleagues who have a different culture from yours
  • you want to orient yourself professionally for a working career abroad
  • you are about to face a long trip to study abroad
  • you are part of a team made up of people of different nationalities
  • you have to relate to managers and/or supervisors of other nationalities
  • your team has to interface with another team in a foreign country 

” The man walks when he knows where to go. ”


Program for Italian and foreign managers who move abroad or who have to manage multicultural teams in Italy. Diversity and multiculturalism as resources for Performance


Moving abroad for work or study for a long time means starting a new life, changing culture, language, habits, colleagues, friends. In some cases it means temporarily leaving the family to re-learn to live in another way, with new rules, often unwritten.

In this process, I support you in promoting and accelerating the integration and adaptation phase in the host country, making expatriation a positive, serene and advantageous experience.

I help you improve the quality of life, reduce stress and increase job satisfaction in a “cross cultural environment”.

Through concrete and “experienced” knowledge, awareness of what you will encounter, I will help you acquire new skills, so that you experience the various stages of integration in a new work, cultural and social context to the best of your potential , to ensure that expatriation becomes an enriching experience for you, for your family and for the company.


Bound by a relationship based on  responsibility  and  solid mutual trust , bound by a confidentiality agreement , we will together define and complete a personalized, individual and collective path towards the results you want to achieve.

The advantages of this path are many, the ones that I consider to be the greatest are:

  • be able to deal with different cultural norms
  • ability to identify creative solutions
  • enhancement of personal and professional excellence
  • improvement of cultural diversity management
  • better assertive communication skills
  • reduction of misunderstandings and conflicts
  • less stress and more well-being
  • clear vision of the career path

Dealing with a Career Coach allows you to acquire innovative tools and new points of view that allow you to achieve constant improvement.

” If you really want to know yourself, immerse yourself in a new culture.”