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My way to be productive

In working with hundreds of clients, I’ve learned that in our age of increasing speed, complexity, and overinformation, chronic disorganization makes life hell! YOU CAN CHANGE, I’LL SHOW YOU THE WAY.

My method is based on  “science-based” content   (scientific approach and cited bibliographic sources) and is divided into 11 skill areas:

  1. Time Management: the basics
  2. Eliminate negative habits that waste your time
  3. Have useful productive habits
  4. Personal organization : a little order
  5. GOAL Setting: the method to obtain results
  6. Setting priorities: one thing at a time 
  7. Action plan: no stopping
  8. Planning and Programming: TOP methodologies!
  9. Management of attention, concentration and focus
  10. Energy management and work-life balance: Start & Stop
  11. Corporate and Team productivity: tools and performance.

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Personal improvement plan 

As you explore the PRODUCTIVITY Membership, always refer to and follow your Personal Improvement Plan to:

  • test your skills
  • learn new skills
  • practice
  • put what you have learned into practice
  • perfect the Productivity Tools


Performance Coaching sessions

For personal help and support, you can always choose subscription plans that include 1:1 (one to one) Coaching sessions via videoconference.


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